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Do you feel you lack the

knowledge & skill

to deal with conflict in your workplace?

Would you like your Senior Management Team to be more effective Leaders?

Do you believe they don't currently understand the benefits of Workplace Mediation?

If you answered YES to any of these then these courses are designed to inform and educate your staff to be

more effective and competent when dealing conflict in the workplace


Structured Debriefing Awareness

What are your principal areas of concern in your business?
  • Do your management team have a management style that finds delegation of decision -making challenging ?

  • Are you concerned about effective partnership working (internally and externally)

  • An inability to engage and empower staff with Change

  • ‘Learning the lessons ‘from previous significant incidents

  • Team Building

  • Developing people for promotion

How I can help you?
  • I will provide a proven, practical, results -driven, engaging and cost -effective methodology that delivers positive results at National, Regional. Organisational and Departmental level

Using this format, the culture and mindset of your organisation will move from ‘silo thinking ‘to effective team working
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