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Our Story


Anthony Munday is the award-winning CEO of TM Development Associates Limited.


This is a Consultancy that delivers conflict resolution development for managers, accredited ACAS mediation, accredited Structured Debriefing and leadership mentoring.

Anthony specialises in mediating conflicted senior teams and complex, long-standing disputes. Clients include public sector, private sector and Trades Unions.

Whilst a police officer, his work in decriminalising drunk and incapable people directly resulted in the law in England and Wales being changed by the Home Secretary.


The NPIA recognised this as Doctrine, national best practice.

Anthony is accredited in Structured Debriefing. He has delivered this to public and private organisations.


At national level, on behalf of Centrex, in October 2006, he delivered a structured debrief concerning policing of a climate protest. His report was incorporated in ‘Adapting to Protest, nurturing the model of British Policing’ by Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary (HMIC).


These findings and recommendations became the national Code of Practice, for policing protest in England and Wales which you can read here

He has enhanced the ACAS Model of Mediation in two ways that are well received by participants and organisations.

Anthony created a unique Pre-Mediation Meeting that enables traumatised participants to develop a deep-seated rapport with him and to have trust, confidence and engagement with the mediation process.

His Review stage enables organisations to understand the root causes of conflict and rectify them.

He is the author of

‘The Essential Heart of a Leader’

and the forthcoming

‘The Maverick Mediator.



Our products and services are evidence – based and deliver tangible benefits for our clients, their business and their lives


Everything we do is founded upon our Values of honesty, transparency and empathy for our clients


We will provide the products and services that are the best fit for your actual needs, in the manner as agreed with you


We always remember that we are working with real people who have entrusted us to work with them to resolve their problems

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