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THE ESSENTIAL HEART OF A LEADER is an invaluable guide to becoming an authentic leader. This book will equip you with the mindset and insight to deliver excellent Leadership imbued with the Values and Behaviours that people respect.

Relevant Case Studies that will cause you to reflect and consider the psychology of decision - making leadership at a personal and organisational level.

A 12 part programme designed to enable you to adapt and utilise in your own leadership context. You will develop and refine your skillset to face and overcome the challenges of leadership and develop engaged and energised Teams.

Anthony will help you to reframe and identity the stark difference between management and leadership.

"Every contact leaves a trace."


I are honoured and delighted to announce that I have won the Prestigious Law Monthly Work Place Mediation Advisor of the Year for 2022

Lawyer Monthly has announced that the full list of winners of our 2022 Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards has been published. The Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards are an annual review of the barristers, inhouse counsel and private practitioners whose expertise and diligence have allowed them to stand out among their peers. With a close eye on the latest developments in the legal sphere, the team at Lawyer Monthly are well placed to identify those lawyers who have begun to make waves and give them the recognition they are due. Each award recipient is a leader in their field with an accompanying history of achievements. The 2022 edition is their biggest set of awards yet, with winners drawn from all regions and all walks of life. Every sector of law is represented in this celebration of the best and brightest innovators working in the profession today. Lawyer Monthly Legal Awards


Tony regards mediation as a therapeutic process. He believes it is his professional responsibility to ensure that it takes place in ‘a safe space‘ for all participants.”  Here explains how he deals with conflicts that have often been festering for years and leave people struck, stressed and traumatised.

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In this episode Judith Germain speaks to Anthony Munday about workplace mediation. He has controversial views on the function of HR in resolving conflict - truly believing that the only solution is external mediation. He believes that HR cannot be and are not trusted and Judith shares her views on this.


Anthony joins Lucinda to talk about the subject of conflict in the workplace and what we can do about it as HR professionals.


The Astute Advantage 'Listen Up' Podcasts - Tony Munday, the Maverick Mediator, talks about why you should never leave things for tomorrow that can be done today - The Art of Conflict Resolution!


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Tony in conversation with Andrew Easton covering breaches in payment of minimum wage by major Companies such as Marks & Spencer , W H Smith and Argos going back 10 years - what can you do if it happens to you?

I am available as a guest speaker for a variety of events or podcasts. I can provide engaging and informative talks about topics such as leadership, conflict mediation and workplace mediation.

My presentations are tailored to the audience and I am committed to delivering high-quality content that is both entertaining and educational.

I have a wealth of experience in my field and am passionate about helping people reach their full potential. Please contact me to discuss your event and to book me as a speaker.

Simply email to discuss your requirements

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